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Sample Layouts
GoMethod websites are built on a very versatile Content Management System -- which means creating and managing layouts is a breeze! A layout is different from your content. The Layout is the color scheme, navigation, banner, etc. that you would have to ever deal with. Your content are the words and pictures that make your site your own.
You or your assistant can add or modify the content easily -- and be confident that you will not effect then design!
  • Pick from over 100 FREE GoMethod Layouts
  • Pick from third party templates, and we will build it into your site FREE.
  • If you have a designer -- Use them. You get the Power of GoMethod, and YOUR exact design
  • If you would like to use a custom designer, we would be happy to refer you to one in your area.
  • Use the Template Manager in your site to change Layouts anytime, without loosing any of your content.
Custom design created by Derek Davis for the GoMethod Agent Site.
Custom Layout created for the Broker by a third part designer, adapted for GoMethod and made available to all agents of the Broker.
The Broker can manipulate the red graphic panel on all agent sites to unify their office message.
GoMethod Layout and custom banner graphics.
Layout from HyperTemplates.com. Integrated into a GoMethod Agent Site for FREE.
Custom design created by Giancarlo Rocca for a GoMethod Agent Site. This site includes a Flash landing page, as well as full Spanish translation.
GoMethod Layout

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