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Frequently Asked Questions
What makes GoMethod different than every other web site product?

GoMethod is not just a web site; it is a complete online real estate marketing system that is designed to generate leads and provide you a way to communicate with them. Features include:

  • Lead generation and communication
  • Maintain an online database of all your clients and prospects
  • Quickly create online printable home flyers and sell sheets
  • Send personalized e-mail and see a report on who viewed and/or clicked on the e-mail
  • Easy to use browser based editing, update your site in minutes, as simple to use as a word processor.
  • Create password protected client areas to share protected information online
  • Online calendar for open houses and events
  • Customize the pages to your needs with pictures and graphics
  • Site can be as big as you want to make it
  • Complete reports tell you who has visited, when they visited, and where they went
  • Low start up costs--no charge for set up and only$49 a month for hosting and maintenance

Is there a long-term commitment?

NO. The GoMethod System is sold on a month-to-month basis. You may cancel at anytime.

How long does it take to have my site up and running?

A site can be built fully loaded with content in as little as five minutes. Simply fill out the online form and your site is ready.

What if I already have Active Agent from Homes Database?

First you need to realize that HomesDatabase isn't providing you with a web site merely a web page that exists on their site. There is no information being collected about the user’s activities on the site. If you have your own URL going to your HomesDatabase page it is set up as a redirect and will lower your rankings in search engines if it gets ranked at all. Your GoMethod site provides all the functionality of a HomesDatabase page plus much, much more!

Do I need to send you any files?

The system is a fully functioning CMS, which allows you complete control over the content of the site. You can add your own text and images. You can create new section and new pages all through the easy to use intuitive editing tools.

What if I have a web site already?

Then you definitely need the GoMethod Center System. Most Agent Web sites do not have a way for you to attract, identify, follow-up and follow through with Clients and Prospects...GoMethod center can change all that for you today!

What is GoMethod System's Automated Marketing System? How does it differ from an ordinary web site?

The GoMethod System Automated Marketing System includes your web site, but also provides a VOW admin area. The admin area gives you access to the e-mail tools (blast and drip), online databases for your prospects and clients, which tracks and records everything they do on the site, online calendar, the ability to edit your web site, and much more. You can EASILY edit this page to reflect your interests. You have convenient access to prospects, since you have a built-in database; (no, you don't have to be a computer genius to use it).

From your VOW you can easily edit your web site and change your look and feel in minutes. Of course, you can view your actual (consumer-oriented) web site any time. That web site is your public face, the site your prospects visit to learn more about you, search for homes, get info on buying and selling, and register to receive information.

How can I stay in touch with all of my prospects?

GoMethod System has a built in database. Prospects are added automatically when they fill out any one of a number of lead generation forms on your GoMethod web site.
Also, suppose someone calls you about a home you have for sale, but does not want to look until next month? Add them to your GoMethod database, associate them to a group, and the conditional e-mail in GoMethod does the rest. Your prospects automatically receive e-mail communications from you with no effort on your part!

How do I keep track of all the e-mails?

Once again, GoMethod handles it all for you! GoMethod provides complete reporting on e-mail, which tell you how many were sent, how many were opened, and how many clicked back to your site. The reports can also tell you exactly what the prospect did on your site. For example the GoMethod system will tell you when someone does a home search and exactly the criteria they used. It can also tell you which homes they clicked on from the search to get more information.

What exactly do you mean by Conditional E-mail system?

Conditional e-mail (or ‘drip email) allows you to create pre-written personalized emails that are delivered based on a group condition. The system then delivers the personalized email from you at predetermined times. For example, when a prospects signs up for a free market assessment of their homes worth; that information is saved their to the database and automatically places them in the “Buyer Prospects” group. They will then receive e-mail 1 on the first day after they submitting the form; they will receive e-mail 2 on the third day, email 3 on the sixth day and so on. You do nothing. Your GoMethod Conditional Email system does the work. When the prospect does respond to one of the follow up e-mails, you can then provide assistance and earn a client.

Do You Provide Any Training

GoMethod believes in helping you right from the start. Since we are a local company we can offer you in person training at our facility or at yours. We also hold monthly group training classes as well as online training classes. Our main web site also contains valuable tutorials that you can watch at your convenience.

How hard is it to put my listings, with pictures, onto my site?

GoMethod synchronizes MRIS data directly to your web site, so adding a listing to your site is automatic and appears on your site within fifteen minutes after you add the listing to MRIS. In other words you do nothing.

Can I Add or change the sections of my web site?

The GoMethod System allows you to control all of the navigation and content on your site. You can easily add new sections and pages, or change the name of sections. The system automatically creates the navigation and fly out menus for you.

How do you edit the web site?

You can edit pages very easily and quickly with GoMethod. Simply authenticate yourself to the system and with a click of he mouse you can turn on the “Active Editor” which works much like a word processor and make your change. When you are done you simply click OK and the change is immediately made to your web site.

How do I add/change the pictures on the web site?

You do this by Logging in to your GoMethod System. All of the graphics and pictures are held in a central repository called the Resource library. You upload pictures from your desktop to the resource library and then they are available to add to any page you wish.

How do I upload my own personal logo?

This works the same way as pictures. You add the logo to the resource library and now you can include the logo on any page you wish.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, GoMethod System does allow you to use your own domain name. If you don’t have a domain we can purchase one for you and set it up or you can purchase and we can talk you through the process of setting it up. If you have a domain name already, you just need to go to the company you purchased the domain from. Request a DNS Domain Name Server Change using the GoMethod System name servers given to you. When that step is complete, you simply let us know and we complete the process. We provide detailed instructions to help you through this process.

What type of calendar is included?

The GoMethod system has online calendar that you can ad as many items to as you wish, as far into the future as you wish. The calendar displays day, week, month and year views with links to a details page of the event.

How do I use the database? Can I change fields or is it pre-formatted?

We've built a powerful, easy to use database to help you manage your clients. We've included all the fields you need and have made it easy to add, edit, or remove clients. It's so easy, in fact, that when new clients sign up for a market analysis or anything else offered by your website, they are automatically entered into your database.

What kind of support do you have?

We offer phone support M-F 8:30 am – 5:30 pm EST, with emergency numbers available 24/7. We have an online support system as well as email support.

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