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Improve your Business 

Stop working so hard to find new customers. With GoMethod, they'll find you. That's because we're experts at targeting people in your area who are searching online for your services - and converting them into leads.

Everyone uses the web to start the real estate process.  Whether their looking for a house or looking for an Agent--you need them to look at your web site. 

Get Noticed

You only get one chance to make a first impression. So when a suspect visits your site, you need to present an image that conveys credibility and professionalism, and targets the right prospects with the right messages.

With our system ANY layout can be integrated into an Agent Site for you.  You can add a custom design, pick from over 100 FREE GoMethod Layouts, or choose a third party templates, and we will build it into your site.

Find Leads And Stay In Front of Them!

Your web forms are ready to use when you start - You just collect the leads! The site will contact you immediately (email, text msg, etc) for each new lead.  A daily report is emailed every night with your leads

Stay in front of your new leads with Drip emails  -- when anyone registers, they are automatically included in the campaigns.



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