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Send Personalized Emails and Track Them
The GoMethod system has a built in email function that allows you to create and send bulk emails that are personalized and sent one at a time through the system.  This means you do not have 150 email addresses “jammed” in the header like the group email function in Outlook.  And each email is tracked so you can easily see a report that tells you how many people opened the email and how many clicked on the links in the email.

The email function can also be set up to send multiple automatic response emails based on group affiliation.  For example you can create a series of email for the buyer prospect group.  The first email can thank them for requesting a market assessment.  The second email can be set for one week and refer to the advantages of using your services.  The third email can be set for three weeks and talk about the importance of curb appeal in selling a house.  The fourth email can talk about the unique marketing advantage you have based upon your website.  Each of this email will be automatically sent based on the date of inclusion in the group.

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