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Your GoMethod site has pre-built forms that map to the VOW database, so every time a user fills out information it is automatically placed in their unique member record.  This allows you to build profiles of prospects and communicate with them.  The system can also tell you down to the page level where they were on your site and what they did on your site.

  • The "allow registration" option requires visitors to fill out a registration form before viewing the content.
  • By setting the "allow page hit notification" The system automatically sends you a notification when a visitor views that page.
  • All visit information and activity is stored in the visitor's member record.
  • Visitor registration automatically places prospects into groups to send automatic "drip" email responses.
  • Upload existing prospects and clients from your current contact manager.

Your website is an automated prospect generating engine that works even when you don't - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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