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Attract Visitors, Build Confidence, Convert Prospects

Don't let anyone trick you into thinking that all you need to do is collect a visitor's e-Mail address and you got'em. That was true in the 1990's. Not today.
If you depend on a 'registration required' search page, you may pick some of the low fruit, but the serious prospects will move on.
It's about the relationship, and your web site needs to help you build it. Visitors open up when they feel they know you. And no other real estate agent Website Solution comes close to GoMethod's ability to customize. And we will help you every step of the way.
Your site communicates to them, and it collects information about them for you. No other website solution collects and reports visitor activity like GoMethod.

Stay in Touch With Your Prospects and Clients Automatically

Conditional or drip emails can be easily created to stay in contact with your clients and prospects.  Create group emails with pictures and links back to your site in minutes to have a personalized email campaign.
Donít Have Time to Write Content? GoMethod Has Content.

Your GoMethod site comes with hundreds of real estate related articles that you can choose from and add to your site with the click of a mouse.  Every month the system delivers a newsletter that you can email to every one of your clients and prospects in your VOW database.
Save Time and Money

Your Featured Homes page is automatically populated from your local MLS provider. No more double entry or having to pay someone every time you need to add a house to your web site.  Enter your information into your local MLS database and your site does the rest.  Plus, your visitors can conduct home searches of MLS data right on your web site.  Users can save searches or have the web site email with new listings that match their criteria.  You can also set up auto emails for your clients and control evrything down to the time it looks for new homes, hourly or daily. And unlike some other online systems you are not limited to one county when you create new searches.
Easy and Affordable

Getting started with the GoMethod is easy.  Simply complete the online form and in a few minutes your professional web presence is live on the Internet and ready to go. 

GoMethod allows you to easily change the entire look and feel of your website right from the VOW control area. Updating your site with a completely new look is as simple as the click of a mouse! Choose from many excellent designs with new themes added weekly.

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